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More than just a brand, It is a Lifestyle

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My Alpha Lifestyle

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More Than Just CBD

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My Alpha Lifestyle

What would you do to experience financial freedom?

More Than Just CBD

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How My Alpha Lifestyle may help you and those around you

The Vision

To be the brand you turn to when your decision is to live a healthier lifestyle. Mind, body and soul. Providing you with world class products, peace of mind and savings on your everyday products. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

The Opportunity

Join the Alpha Team to give yourself an opportunity to benefit off of a multi faceted website through innovation, partnership and continuously enhancing your life and those around you. You are the solution. 

The Solution

Take a look around, how many people are trying to get by, while others are taking the opportunity to provide viable solutions to the current economic problems. 

You are stressed, worried, anxious, paying to much on everyday items, worried about the safety of your family out on the road.. Alpha has your back! 

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Where do you go when you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, receive calm or peace of mind when it comes to your own safety and those around you; or even start your own business in the Lifestyle and Wellness industry. 

My Alpha Lifestyle is not only a solution in terms of products and services, but also the opportunity for you to start a business with a brand and a team you trust. With over 4 years worth of testimonies we have leveraged this to create an opportunity that You can become part of. Elevating your mindset, enhancing your overall health and boosting your lifestyle is our "why".  

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No Pesticides

Health comes first at My Alpha Lifestyle. That is why the most important ingredients are sourced from Organic Farmers in the USA.

No Chemical Fertilizers

Only organic fertilizers are used to produce the plants found in Alpha CBD products. This is Industry Standard.

No Fungicides

All batches go through microbial testing. This is to ensure absolute quality and consistency.

Manufactured in SA

All Alpha products are manufactured locally and our oils are manufactured in GMP and ISO approved facilities. 

7 Ways to earn as an IBO: 

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Retail Profits
  • Volume Bonuses
  • Level Based Commissions
  • Leadership Bonuses
  • Rank Achievement Bonus 
  • Pool Bonus

"The average household needs 2.5 jobs to live"

These are harsh facts. What are you doing to ensure that you can have the Lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

South Africans are looking for solutions. 

Be the solution you wish to experience in someone's life.

By joining the My Alpha Lifestyle Family, means you have direct access to a healthier lifestyle, peace of mind, calm, better sleep, discounts on your everyday products and a possible increase to your monthly income. The only question you need to ask yourself is: When will I make the decision to be the change you want to see, to take control of your own life and your own finances. Are you willing to invest in yourself to experience these changes?