Meet the Alpha Team

Meet The Team

I am Geraldine Steyn. For years I watched husband struggle with anxiousness, depressed states and how these "broke" him. I remember the day I decided to help him, even though I did'nt understand what he was going through. I felt I had to do something. I asked a friend who was a Cannabis expert to help out. After seeing first hand what CBD did for my husband, and him being one of the best Business Growers I have ever seen, I knew by allowing him to heal himself that he will be motivated to do the same for others. With Bruce finding his purpose I knew he would change more lives with this amazing plant than what most people can imagine. 

Through helping him, motivating him and watching him become inspired; Alpha CBD was born.

Being in every household was the goal.

Having the correct team around you when you start a business is critical, aligning all our visions and goals as a collective we have become on of SA's top CBD companies and we are grateful for the opportunity to become part of your everyday life.

My testimony about CBD is the company you see today.

Bruce Steyn used to be the poster child for CBD and what CBD can do for you. 

Currently he is the Idea generator and in charge of Growth, Personal Growth and Breakthroughs. He made it his life's mission to create "something" to help those who struggle with balance and "dis-ease", to empower as many individuals and entrepreneurs as he can to join the CBD revolution and to create a globally recognised wellness company.  

Bruce loves people, to work together with people to ensure they find their own "Why", and hopefully encourage as many humans to take the leap of faith and believe in themselves.

You will never know what is on the other side of curiosity unless you pursue it.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." --Andrew Carnegie

Juta is the Motivation Specialist in the team. Her main goal is to empower others not to only be better but to believe its possible to do better , to be the positive light in darkness and positively influence others around her, MOTIVATING others to work towards their own goal or dream and believing in themselves.

"My goal is to build up and strengthen My Alpha Lifestyle as a company; Our visions and goals are aligned and I know this is where I am going to make the biggest impact in the lives of others."

She enjoys changing lives in a positive matter and increasing mental health and wellness in the best of my ability with the platforms and resources that’s given to me. In short: In short, I inspire others to start Living The Alpha Lifestyle.

"I truly believe in looking at the bright side of life and trusting the process. Reminding myself that the positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. Small victories every amount to big success."

"If you see a woman that has everything going for her, and you are not ready to add value to her life. Just admire her from afar, do not interrupt her greatness."

Rudie is the Head of Opportunity Creation as his passion revolves around people and helping others achieve much more through guidance and education.


The love Rudie has for people and CBD comes through with everything he does and allows him to be in his element. If you succeed, he finds his joy.


He will guide you, enable you and assist you with making the most out of this amazing opportunity that My Alpha Lifestyle is providing.

Julian is a Linguistical Specialist and the Systems Creator in the team, taking the task of turning the outcomes you are looking for into practical achievable steps. He is problem solver, his compassion towards the life struggles of other humans is his driving motivation that pushes him to succeed at his work. His determination is relentless and he thrives in environments where he feels he is helping people.