The "Why" behind My Alpha Lifestyle

I am the CEO of Alpha CBD and this is my story:

My name is Bruce Steyn.

Like most stories, there is always a moment of awakening. Before we get there, I would like to give my story some context. 

I have been an Entrepreneur all my life, I have learnt about business from the day that I started my Articles at an Auditing firm. I loved business, and everything to do with it. I loved the hustle, the processes and the different scenarios you get everyday. I found my passion, my purpose. I was a Business Developing Entrepreneur and I loved it.

Never did I ever think about Anxiety, Depression or having to deal with any form of pain. I knew eventually I would experience this, but I could never have imagined I would experience all three these at once over a 2 years period. At 28 I was on top of the world (what I perceived to be my peak), at 30 I had lost everything, wife, assets, business… Everything!  

I lost 4 years of my life due to anxiety, depression and living through my losses. Never have I experienced anything like this, I was on a couch, without hope and without a purpose. I lost my why.

 Being an entrepreneur, this was one of the most difficult times of my life. I had no vision, I had no drive, I had no focus, no purpose and I could not get a job to save my life. I sent my CV out 312 times to possible employers. NOTHING. I later realized that desperation is something people can sense. Which in turn made me more depressed because I knew the value I could bring to any company. But it was not my “Why”. When you lose your “Why” you lose your way, I was lost. During this period my amazing wife was pregnant and the school she worked at did not pay pregnancy leave because she was hired after she was pregnant. The odds were stacking up against us. On top of that I had a victim mentality and a loser mindset. “This happened to me”, was my mindset. I became so depressed that when I eventually went to go see a specialist, they were clear about booking me into an institution within 48 hours and keeping me there till I was “fixed”. Something inside me knew there was more, that I could do this without the meds. 

"I lost my WHY"

By now you know where this story goes, like so many of you amazing humans anxiety ruled my day. It would would come in waves, with every wave it felt like it became worse and worse.

No matter how many times I was beaten by life in the past there was always some fight in me, I just didn’t have the mental clarity to “do something”, and I could not get off the couch, everything I tried led to more disappointments in my mind. When I say I had a victim mindset I really mean it. I was depressed, anxiety was part of my day from when I woke up till I went to sleep, and that was when I could sleep, we didn’t have a stable income, some months I had no income. And I thank God everyday for the amazing woman he put by my side to be my light, she stood by me literally through thick and thin.

How many of you have seen your quality of life affected by the above mentioned? How many cannot function at certain stages of the day because of it? How many have lost their jobs due to current economic climates or lack thereof. According to Stats in SA that these days at least 1 in 6 South Africans suffer from anxiety, depression or a related illness.

How many of you have felt your anxiety and depression increase in times of financial instability?

You are not alone; this problem is a normal occurrence amongst South Africans and the world over however this does not mean you have to live with it. Once I was at my absolute rock bottom after fighting this anxiety for 4 years and depression for 2, I was left with 2 choices; 1) empower myself to beat anxiety or 2) be admitted to a depression clinic for an undetermined amount of time and be administered drugs for my anxiety and depression for the rest of my life. Nerve-wrecking to think at that point the only options were fight or flight.

Now, call it fate, call it luck. But one serendipitous day, a friend who returned from USA introduced me to CBD oil and said I should try it, I was skeptical because of it coming from the cannabis plant, and I was not keen on getting high. Not in that current mindset. I researched as much as I could before I started my 60 days of using CBD oil daily. I learned to manage my anxiety, depressed states were at a minimal and now, in the present day I have been anxiety free since 2019. I learnt that the neuro pathways that took me to the anxiety train had changed and that I was able to adjust my way of thinking. 3 years later we have the Alpha CBD you see today, a CBD company hell bent on making a difference built on a foundation of compassion, integrity and most of all a result driven group of people providing you with solutions. If I can beat the position I was in, getting up and changing lives and then creating a sustainable income stream off this then you can.

Me and my team have spent three years creating industry leading products, to be distributed through one of the biggest distribution methods in the world to make sure that you and those around you can live a fuller life and not have these disruptive thoughts. 

"Now call it fate, call it luck"... 

After my 60 days on CBD oil, I started helping those close to me with their anxiousness, depressed states, sleep and so on. At that point my fiancé who is now my wife said to me: "You are an Entrepreneur, so show people they can be the difference". She saw the difference in me. First hand.

I Found My WHY!

My question to you would be:” if you learned today that you have the power to change your own personal story and over-come your anxiety once and for all. Would you have the courage to take the first step in making that change? “

It sounds daunting I know, but if it has been done before it can be done again. 

Being without an income for more than two years and then later finding out that I was not alone in this struggle and this new found urge to "help people". This became my drive, my WHY, the reason I get up at 04:00 in the morning and be motivated to work 18 hour days. I knew I had to do something. Being in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, bringing solutions to so many amazing humans who are tired of settling for the ordinary. The reason behind Alpha CBD.

We spent the last 18 months producing industry changing products and we have tried and tested the business model. During 2020 we 4X'd the company, which meant in the biggest economic decline we grew from only 4 products to now having almost 35.

We have devoted ourselves to you, to ensuring you LIVE THE ALPHA LIFESTYLE. 

We have developed a platform that empowers you to join the CBD revolution. Us humans are not designed to be ordinary, to stagnate or to watch those around us struggle and do nothing about it. Our moral fiber was meant for goodness, to be good, to do good and to bring positive change to those in need. 

Let My Alpha Lifestyle enhance your life, share your testimony and impact those around you. You will be amazed at who else is struggling with the same problems you are. Once you overcome the things that block your wellbeing, you can show others how to do the same. We will empower and provide you with the right tools,  CBD is the answer in most cases. 

The last question I would like to leave you with, and it is because of this that we are only launching in 2021 and not in 2019. Is because I struggled to answer this myself, and because I did not start this in 2019 I missed out on 24 months of changing lives. 

If you do not take this opportunity and join this amazing industry, what would your life look like in the next three years?