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CBD Oil - 30 Days of Wellness

Alpha CBD's Cherry flavour has quickly become a household favourite, being the only cherry flavoured CBD in SA this flavour is creating waves in the industry. Combining an amazing taste with all the goodness CBD has to offer, with Premium Quality CBD that is Organically Certified straight from the USA.

CBD oil takes about 45min to take effect on your internal ECS and lasts for around 8-9 hours. That is why we recommend that you take it twice a day. 0.5ml (or 10 drops) in the AM and another 0.5ml (or 10 drops) in the PM before you go to sleep.

Alpha CBD's product range does not contain any THC, you can not get high.


This product is a dietary supplement and should not be used to replace any meals or medication.

This product is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness.

The Alpha CBD Oil has not been tested of evaluated by SAHPRA.

How to use: Squeeze the rubber tip till 0.5ml is drawn up into the pipette. Drop this under your tongue, swoosh it around for 30sec for it to absorb. Swallow the balance of the oil.

Do this twice a day. Once in the AM and once in the PM. Or you can take 1ml once a day as you require it.

Do not exceed the 20mg limit of CBD per day as per Government Regulation.


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